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ID Card Security: Level 1

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Having an ID card printer on-site at your place of business allows you to offer convenience, efficiency, and protection of confidential material to cardholders. With Swiftpro card printers and laminators, we offer three levels of card security management. This means financial institutions can ensure security when printing temporary debit cards on-site. Hospitals can print badges that track both patients and staff. Schools can protect students and safely allow visitors. Companies can better safeguard their data and their employees.

All of these safety features are offered with our badge printers’ and laminators’ three modular levels of security, with each level offering enhanced security. Implement all three levels in conjunction to offer your cardholders maximum protection from fraud and theft. (more…)

Nurse holding ID card at hospital entrance

Security and safety remain a primary focus in hospital management, perhaps now more than ever.

Hospitals bear a tremendous responsibility to safeguard their patients and employees. An effective access management system plays a critical role in HIPAA compliant privacy regulation, safe patient handling, minimizing risk of injury and illness, and violence prevention. (more…)

Stack of PVC ID cards

Want to project a professional image? Don’t let a household printer and paper represent your brand.

Education, finance, government, healthcare, retail, and transport sectors all regularly require on-site ID card printing for identification and security.

From functionality to quality, there’s a significant difference between PVC card printing and inkjet card printing. When trying to choose a printer, it helps to understand the process involved in both PVC printing and traditional inkjet printing.


Cleaning ID Cards

Use an ID card printer or security badges in the workplace? Here’s what you need to know to keep your team safe and prevent the spread of coronavirus as workers return to the office.

Businesses are slowly opening back up after a long lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic. As employees return to their offices, they face new risks that naturally come from added exposure in close quarters. As a result, health and safety measures are being implemented to help control the spread of the virus in the workplace. (more…)

Credit Card

Swiftpro printers are perfect for servicing almost any industry. In finance, an investment in a Swiftpro printer will solve challenges facing the industry. Our printers are equipped to print credit cards and debit cards, which can be quickly printed at the bank (or mailed to customers who don’t want to physically visit a branch at the moment). With unparalleled security encoding technologies to protect transactions, these cards will be safe for consumers to use.


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