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Thank you to those who visited our booth at GSX 2022. (more…)

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Coming Soon! Swiftpro will be at GSX September 12-14.

Are you joining us in 2 weeks at GSX in Atlanta? Connect with the best in security and stay informed, connected, and prepared for what’s next. (more…)

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Our high-resolution 300 DPI and 600 DPI card printers give your photo IDs and badges crisp, clear imagery and edge-to-edge coverage for top-notch security and branding. Our 600 DPI card printers print fine, sharp details that allow you to implement added anti-counterfeiting features like microprinting. Microprinting is a security feature that prints a text size invisible to the naked eye for verification. (more…)


These days, the demand for security is greater than ever. Swiftpro’s card printers offer encoding technologies for your identity card programs to protect your sensitive company info, employees, and data. (more…)

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The Swiftpro K30D card printer offers quality and security for your card systems. Print badges on-site that offer:

  • High resolution 300 DPI printing
  • Ribbon erase feature
  • Contact and contactless smart card encoding
  • Optional 250-card output hopper
  • Optional laminator for added durability


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