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Which K-Series Printer is a Match for You? (more…)

Cleaning the Platen Roller


Be sure to clean your platen roller regularly to prevent debris buildup and print defects. To clean the platen roller: (more…)

New Product: IP Printer


With the new Swiftpro IP Printer, you can remote print your ID cards. (more…)

microprinting (1)

Our K60 card printer offers outstanding print quality for card programs that require multiple levels of security. This high-resolution 600 DPI printer offers microprinting. Microprinting is an anti-counterfeiting security feature that prints text size invisible to the naked eye for an extra level of authentication. (more…)

industry-government (1)

Swiftpro badge printing solutions offer overt and covert security features for granting and restricting access to high-security government establishments. Swiftpro ID card printers also allow personalized automated access control and dual authentication for secure login onto networks. (more…)

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