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SwiftLaser lets you create your own custom secure ID card program and print on-site with guilloche, high-resolution gradient UV printing, micro text, CLI or MLI, tactile effect, holographic overlays, and laminate options. (more…)


Print single-sided ID cards with our K30 retransfer printer featuring 300 DPI printing, logo & barcode printing, and smart card encoding available. Print ID cards, badges, & visitor passes, on-site and on-demand! (more…)

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Thank you to those who visited our booth at GSX 2022. (more…)

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Coming Soon! Swiftpro will be at GSX September 12-14.

Are you joining us in 2 weeks at GSX in Atlanta? Connect with the best in security and stay informed, connected, and prepared for what’s next. (more…)

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Our high-resolution 300 DPI and 600 DPI card printers give your photo IDs and badges crisp, clear imagery and edge-to-edge coverage for top-notch security and branding. Our 600 DPI card printers print fine, sharp details that allow you to implement added anti-counterfeiting features like microprinting. Microprinting is a security feature that prints a text size invisible to the naked eye for verification. (more…)

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