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Cleaning ID Cards

Use an ID card printer or security badges in the workplace? Here’s what you need to know to keep your team safe and prevent the spread of coronavirus as workers return to the office.

Businesses are slowly opening back up after a long lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic. As employees return to their offices, they face new risks that naturally come from added exposure in close quarters. As a result, health and safety measures are being implemented to help control the spread of the virus in the workplace. (more…)

Credit Card

Swiftpro printers are perfect for servicing almost any industry. In finance, an investment in a Swiftpro printer will solve challenges facing the industry. Our printers are equipped to print credit cards and debit cards, which can be quickly printed at the bank (or mailed to customers who don’t want to physically visit a branch at the moment). With unparalleled security encoding technologies to protect transactions, these cards will be safe for consumers to use.


Setting Up Your Printer

As you can see from the video below, printer setup for a Swiftpro printer is seamless and easy. In just a few simple steps, you can install film, cards, and be ready to print!

First, install the ribbon and the film. Open the front cover and pull out the orange ribbon cassette. Inside the ribbon cassette is a picture that displays how the ribbon is fitted to the cassette. Take the supply side and place it on the orange spool. Place the opposite end on the black spool. Wind up the tension.


Printing Over a Network

Can you print over a network with Swiftpro printers?

The Swiftpro K30, K30D and K60 printers are all network compatible and follow current IPsec protocol for protecting personal information on the network. Print data is encrypted over the network, so your information stays confidential.

To connect multiple printers to the same network, set a different IP address for each printer.

Swiftpro Security Features

Security Erase function (patented) – Security Erase prevents leakage of personal information on the ink ribbon. It scrambles information beyond recognition to protect your data.

2-Dimensional Hologram – A hologram is a light diffracting image that exhibits dimensional characteristics. When turned or viewed from a variety of angles, the image appears to move or change.

Guilloche Printing – Guilloche patterns combine complex line detail in an animated wave pattern.

Kinetic Patterns – Kinetic patterns are a series of complex, straight lines or shapes. As the viewing angle of the card is changed, the kinetic image moves across the card, giving it the effect of motion.

2-Channel Image (Flip Image) – A holographic optical feature that consists of two distinct images (art or text) that occupy the same space within the hologram and then shift from one image to another.

Latent Image (Ghost Image) – A holographic optical feature that consists of an image or repeating text pattern and is originated into the hologram so that it only refracts light and is visible at an extreme viewing angle.

Pseudo Color – A holographic optical effect that allows for the assignment of approximate coloration to holographic artwork, thus the image appears in near “true color” at a specific viewing angle.

Microtext – Fine text printing that is not visible to the naked eye.

UV and/or Mica Flip Ink – Under a UV or black light, UV ink fluoresces bright blue. Under normal light, mica ink will shift colors at different viewing angles.

Laser Retrievable Covert Text – Covert text is embedded into a custom hologram OVD or custom guilloche OVD. This allows an examiner to reveal and read a text message using a standard red laser pen.

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