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IPSec for Security


Swiftpro printers support IPsec, also known as IP Security. IPsec is a security technology that encrypts network data transfers and protects your confidential info. (more…)


Swiftpro printers are ideal for the education market. Whether it’s checking in visitors, restricting access to certain areas, printing teacher badges, or quickly printing student IDs at orientation, our printers handle it all. (more…)


We attended the International Security Conference & Exposition July 19-21, 2021 at the Sands Expo in Las Vegas. Thanks for visiting our booth! Contact us to learn more about the technologies in Access Control & Visitor Management offered by Swiftpro’s ID card programs. (more…)

card protection

Swiftpro ID card printers are used by markets ranging from the medical industry to corporations to financial institutions and the educational field to provide on-site card printing and personalization. With these on-site ID printers, card programs can be implemented to offer contactless physical access, use of monetary funds, and off-site telework. (more…)


Now more than ever, industries and governments are pressed to increase card security. These days, a single card represents a slew of information and permissions: physical access, identification, and access to funds. With greater functionality comes the need for added card security. The demand then is a durable, multi-technology card with intricate visual security and complex, hard-to-replicate features. (more…)

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