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Introducing a new level of security. SwiftHolo is a security feature you can add to cards you’re already printing in-house for quick, reliable authentication.

Swiftpro card printers already offer high levels of security such as microtext printing, smart card encoding, and laminate overlays. We’re now offering a new high visual impact public recognition feature that can be added to your in-house printing process. SwiftHolo is an identity card embossing feature that elevates the security of any plastic card, with the ability to customize to your brand and purposes. (more…)

Vaccine Card

Are you working on a vaccine card / certification program for your business or institution? We offer a number of solutions that offer a quick turnaround time and high-security reliability. Swiftpro vaccine record solutions can be used to display and verify administered COVID-19 vaccines for employees, students, and other individuals with efficiency and accuracy to promote healthy vaccination programs worldwide. Our high-security COVID-19 vaccine cards and certificates are ideal for government health program, workplace verification, school staff, universities, and more. (more…)

Level 3 Security

ID cards are used widely in the business world, government sector, finance, education, healthcare field, and retail market as a one-stop access point for a company. ID cards can perform a range of activities: grant employees access to company buildings, log into the company network, track and restrict visitors’ movements throughout buildings, monitor employees’ activity, and even pay for food in the cafeteria. With all these criteria, it’s best to print your ID cards on-site using a high quality ID card printer. (more…)

Level 2 Security

Looking for a way to bring enhanced security to your ID and entry card program? These days, high quality smart cards printed on-site with Swiftpro card printers and laminators are used for accessing corporate buildings, authenticating entry, and accessing the company network. If your business is facing rising requirements to protect sensitive material and adhere to stringent safety standards, we’re here to help.

Our card printers are built to grow with your security needs, from entry level to advanced. Laminators are an optional add-on module for K-Series card printers that enhance physical and cybersecurity in one on-site solution. When used in conjunction, these systems offer not only enhanced durability, but also three additional levels of security to your cards during the print process by making use of custom overlays and laminates with hologram options. (more…)

After a long lockdown, many employees are now returning to the office. The public transportation industry is working hard to get commuters to work safely, posting social distancing instructions, floor decals, and signs indicating where to sit and stand. But traveling on the bus, subway, and train involves closer quarters where maintaining a six-foot distance isn’t always possible. Are you doing everything you can to minimize the spread of germs and keep safe during the COVID pandemic? We’ve compiled a helpful checklist of public transportation safety procedures to help get you where you need to go – safely. (more…)

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