Corporate ID Cards for Powerful Business Processes

Swiftpro's innovative ID card technologies offer more options than ever before. Setting up corporate and employee ID programs has never been easier. Swiftpro ID card printers and laminators are the perfect solution for organizations that require both control of physical and logical access, together with time and attendance tracking. Employee access, visitor, and contractor registration is vital to ensure that site visitors are property badged and identified.

One Card for...

the Modern Employee

ID cards in the workplace have been used historically by businesses of all capacities to control access of employees. However, today's improved ID card technologies offer more options than ever before; now including photo ID cards for employee identification and event management.

PVC cards for identification and smart cards with barcodes and magnetic stripes allow for advanced features including accurate time, attendance, and location tracking. Automated operations using ID cards for businesses across a range of sectors aids in improving productivity, efficiency, and day-to-day business performance; whilst ensuring that buildings and premises are kept safe and secure.

Card types include:

  • Contact and contactless application
  • Contactless cards
  • Combination cards
  • Proximity cards
  • Hybrid cards

Typical Applications for Corporate:

  • Employee ID
  • Cashless Vending and Payment
  • Visitor Access Management
  • Multi-Application Cards
  • Contractor access ID
  • Secure ID login applications
  • Time and attendance tracking

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