Elite security and customization

SwiftHolo is a high impact public recognition security feature that combines strong brand identity with overt and covert authentication to elevate the security of any plastic card. SwiftHolo features are a part of a ‘multi-level - total security’ approach to card design.

  • Joint collaboration with the leaders in this security foil stamping
  • 32 years manufacturing experience in print pre-press and hot stamping
  • UK manufacturing with QA, compliance & standards
  • Global presence in over 100 countries globally
  • Joined the print industry in 1985
  • Expanded in the ID Card market with an exclusive offering and capabilities to offer custom security foils
  • Secure documents of value in over 105 countries across thousands of applications
  • Provides solutions that enable the end-user to control critical aspects of their document security application.

Strong and trusted brand identity

SwiftHolo can be tailored to your individual brand and identity - a feature that is truly integrated and enhances your brand image.

A consistent and trusted identity with elevated security in one feature.

Elevated security and instant authentication

SwiftHolo features are directly applied and embedded into the card and have a number of unique customizable elements. Entirely complimentary and compatible with the Swiftpro product range.

SwiftHolo features allow quick and simple authentication of the card.


Market Applications
and global install base

With Swiftpro's range of security features incorporated into customers card program worldwide, from government, hospitality, education to secure documentation. We have our products being used in over 100 countries in thousands of applications worldwide.

Combine our world-leading Swiftpro K-Series Retransfer printer with SwiftHolo to a genuinely compelling solution. Please speak to one of our Security Specialists on how Swiftpro solution can support your card program today and in the future.


Higher Security

  • Government Documents
  • Certificates
  • Travel visas
  • National ID
  • Passport
  • Driving Licences
  • Voter ID
  • Identity Cards
  • Access Cards
  • Credit and Debit Cards

Lower Security

  • Loyalty Cards
  • Membership Cards
  • Travel Cards
  • Retail Gift Vouchers
  • Warranty Documents

Global Install Base

  • Republic of Ireland – Land registry Tax collection system
  • Africa – Banking, Customs, Tax collection, Ministry of Interior & Transport Authorities
  • Europe & South America - driving license projects
  • UK - Benefits agency project
  • South America – National ID card issuing
  • USA - Inauguration ID card issuing
  • Australia - Seaport and Airport ID card issuing
  • GCC & Worldwide - Embassies & Consulates visa issuing

Customizable Elevated Security & Durability

SwiftHolo features are designed to provide both Level One & Two authentication features for the customer in one product. SwiftHolo features can be applied on top of the card/laminate. Underneath the laminate (longer life cards up to 3 years)


Level 1 Security

A silver or gold metallic, transparent or UV reflective feature with two visual options.

  1. Standard logo in choice of 3 designs
  2. Custom image incorporated into chosen design

Security features

  • Primary logo view
  • Holographic micro-text
  • Narrow viewing angle authentication

Level 2 Security

A silver or gold feature with two options.

  1. Standard logo in choice of 3 designs with standard security thread design
  2. Chosen design with custom image and security thread incorporated

Security features

  • Primary logo view
  • Holographic micro-text
  • Narrow viewing angle authentication
  • Reverse lit covert security thread

Level 2 Security thread

Level 2 SwiftHolo features include a covert security thread that can only be seen once the feature is lit from behind using a torch or light from a smart phone.

The security thread adds a unique level of personalization and authentication to the card application.

SwiftHolo Authentication

All SwiftHolo features incorporate quick and simple authentication methods of overt visual imagery alongside more sophisticated covert features (requiring more detailed examination). The overt feature authentication is shown below.


Duogram®HD is Security Foiling’s flagship optical technology. Duogram®HD is a tactile hot foiled feature which offers unique holographic effects without hologram origination costs!

Easily applied to plastic card, Teslin®* and other synthetic materials
Why Duogram®HD?

  • Secure manufacturing process - All produced in house
  • Controlled supply - Safeguards your design
  • Fast production - Typically within 1 working week
  • User specific design - Your visual identity becomes a security feature
  • Instant authentication - Quick and easily recognizable by eye
  • Covert authentication - Hidden features, revealed using special tools
  • Counterfeit prevention - Practically impossible to copy
  • Quantity - No minimum order quantity required


Datafoil® has been used by the UK Government to protect $275.7 billion of welfare benefit payments. It is a proven high security transparent foil based image which is used to protect variable information from being altered.

Why Datafoil®?

  • Tamper Evident - Foil is molded into the substrate making it impossible to alter
  • Data protection- Ensuring the variable data is protected reinforcing the knowledge that your document or card is genuine
  • Customer specific design - The customer's brand translated into a security feature
  • Counterfeit prevention - Very difficult to imitate, almost impossible to copy – creates trust between the issuer and user
  • Authenticity - Adds security, integrity and visual impact
  • Quantity - A product not limited by minimum order quantity

SwiftHolo Authentication

Typical hologram stamping speed up to 500 impressions per hour depending on SwiftHolo settings

Card Size ISO 7810 Format, CR80, ID-1

Card Material: PVC, PC, PET, PET-G

Maximum card thickness 0.2 inches (5mm)

Minimum card thickness 0.004 inches (0.1mm)

AMPS - 2.3 Amps (110V)

Hz - 50/60

Volts AC (V) - 220/240 V AC

Strong impression system with adjustable die head to allow a very accurate level impression

Impression pressure up to 2,204.6 lb (1000 kg)

Impression time from 0 to 1 second (0 to 1000 Milliseconds)

Height 14.6 inches (370mm)

Width 16.9 inches (430mm)

Depth 16.1 inches (410mm)

Weight 65 pounds (29.5 kg)

Temperature range 122 - 302 degrees Fahrenheit

Heat-up cycle time 3 minutes

Maximum foil width 1 inch (25mm)

Maximum foil roll 3.9 inches (100mm) diameter

Maximum foil waste collection 3.9 inches (100mm) diameter

Hologram positional tolerance +/-  0.01 inches (0.25mm)

Hologram registration mark 0.2 x 0.2 inches (5 x 5mm)

Bi-directional centered on image recommended

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