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Swiftpro K30

The Swiftpro K30 retransfer identity card printer offers outstanding print quality for single-sided printing with 300 DPI printing density.


Swiftpro K30D

The Swiftpro K30D retransfer card printer is the ultimate, on-demand plastic ID card printer with the added benefit of double-sided printing capability.


Swiftpro K60

The Swiftpro K60 retransfer card printer offers high-resolution 600 DPI print capability for clear, sharp imagery, and impressive public appearance.


Swiftpro L10

The Swiftpro L10 provides enhanced durability and longer plastic ID card lifecycle. This unit is the ideal partner for the Swiftpro K-Series printers.


Swiftpro L10D

The Swiftpro L10D has the added benefit of double-sided lamination over the Swiftpro L10. Compatible with all Swiftpro K-Series printers.


SwiftHolo is a high-impact public recognition security feature that combines strong brand identity with overt and covert authentication to elevate the security of any plastic card. SwiftHolo features are a part of a ‘multi-level - total security’ approach to card design.



SwiftLaser™ is an ideal printer solution for your government to citizen ID programs that offer you the ability to incorporate laser, color printing, and custom laminating onto your ID1 card format.

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