Kanematsu Corporation

Headquartered in Japan, the Kanematsu Group provides an array of products and services through extensive business- products geared toward operations focused around electronic devices, food, plants and grain, steel, materials, aerospace, and motor vehicles. Partnering with the Kanematsu Group, Swiftpro leads the card printer division of the organization, supplying products to meet the needs of customers and adding value to global businesses.

Pioneers in Retransfer Print

Technology for the Last 30 Years

Swiftpro has been providing safe, secure, and reliable ID card printer solutions to global organizations since 1989. Following the launch of the first thermal transfer printer over two decades ago, we have continued to pioneer disruptive technologies to establish ourselves as market leaders in the retransfer printing market.

Swiftpro's trusted ID management solutions increase security, efficiency, and productivity, while empowering the success of businesses from a wide range sectors and markets. We work with governments, educational establishments, healthcare, leisure, corporate, and financial institutions to provide innovative hardware solutions and personalized support services.

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